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Chemical storage tank product use matters:

1. Storage tanks for storing flammable gases and flammable liquids shall be equipped with necessary fire-fighting equipment. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the tanks, open fire, heat, and bring the source of ignition into the tank area.
2. For storage tanks that store flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive and other media, the relevant provisions on the management of dangerous goods shall be strictly implemented.
3. Before the tank inspection and repair, the power supply of the electrical equipment related to the storage tank must be cut off, and the equipment handover procedure must be completed.
4. After the internal medium of the tank is drained, the inlet and outlet valves or the pipes and equipment connected to the blind partition should be closed, and the obvious partition mark should be provided.
5. For storage tanks containing flammable, corrosive, toxic or suffocating media, they must be replaced, neutralized, disinfected, cleaned, etc., and analyzed and tested after treatment. The analysis results should meet the requirements of relevant regulations and standards. . It is strictly forbidden to replace with air with flammable medium.
6. The tank operation must be handled in the tank. If the operation is continued for a long time, the in-tank operation permit should be re-submitted.
7. Sample and analyze before entering the tank for 30 minutes, the oxygen content is between 18-23% (volume ratio).
8. When entering the tank to clean the toxic and corrosive residue, wear personal protective equipment.
9. Scaffolding and lifting devices that need to be built must be firm and reliable. It is strictly forbidden to throw material tools inside and outside during operation to ensure safe operation.
10. In-tank lighting should use no more than 24 explosion-proof lamps.
11. When there is a need to fire in the tank, you must apply for a fire certificate.
12. There must be a guardian in the tank operation and reliable contact measures.
13. When the maintenance is completed, the maintenance personnel and the guardian shall jointly inspect the inside and outside of the tank. After confirmation, the guardian will not seal the hole of each person after signing the operation certificate in the tank.
14. When releasing water after pressure test, the atmosphere must be connected to prevent vacuuming.


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